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You grew up an AgriKid if.....

You grew up an AgriKid if..

  1. School holidays didn’t actually mean a holiday! There was always something to be painted, fed, caught or cleaned.
  2. If you did go on an actual holiday it was usually within a 20 mile radius and could be cut short at any time if there was a change in the weather. As kids we would hide the child of Prague in the hope it would rain!
  3. Glorious mammy dinners so lovingly prepared could never be tasted as you held your nose to block out the smell of silage or slurry on the workmen’s overalls!
  4. Car journeys were spent with your father spending more time looking out the window at fields and livestock then on the road ahead! If a neighbouring farmer’s crops or livestock were doing better than yours, you can be sure the rest of journey would be in an awkward silence!
  5. God help you if you uttered a word during the weather report. ‘Shushing’ never sounded more venomous! No amount of apps on smart phones or tablets can ever replace the televised version!
  6. In spring time poorly baby lambs got priority for space in front of the range cooker or in the hot press!
  7. Days out could be hexed at any time with a sick sheep or an escaped cow.
  8. Sunday lie ins, (or lie ins in general) do not exist (see no. 1)
  9. There was always a time of year when you were overrun with kittens as neighbouring cats saw your hay shed as their maternity ward.
  10. The life cycle of clothes went from good wear, every day wear, work wear…..
  11. You learned from an early age not to give the farm animals pet names!! (and why!)
  12. You had two dogs – a house dog and a work dog.
  13. You had strong feelings for different brands of farm machinery – ‘Fear the Deere’. Massy is Classy……..
  14. Your breakfast time was after the animals were fed.
  15. When your townie relations came to stay you delighted in their disgust when you made them help with the mucking out!
  16. You knew to keep back from a ticking fence!
  17. If you moved away from the farm to a place of your own it could take six months before you grew accustomed to having a neighbour who was actually next door!

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