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June AgriKid of the Month

Lily Considine, our AgriKid of the month for June.

My name is Lily. I live on a beef farm in Co. Clare. I am 9 years old and I am in 3rd Class in Toonagh NS.

Lily's Farm Rules

I am so lucky that I live on a farm,

But there are lots things that could do me harm.

So here are some rules on taking care

If you’re ever on a farm, always Be Aware!

The first thing is - to be properly dressed,

Always remember to wear a Hi Vis vest.

Look left. look right and on the ground,

There will be danger all around.


Tractors and machinery may look like big toys

But are only for adults - not girls and boys.

Mother cows can be cross when their calves are new

Give them space, stay clear, so they don’t attack you.


When leaving a field always close the gate

If a bull escapes, it will be too late

Farming can be dirty work

Wash your hands or germs will lurk


Farm safety signs are there for a reason!

Always pay attention no matter the season.

Meet Lily!

I enjoy helping my Dad and Grandad on the farm and my favourite job is helping to take care of the calves. The calves are cute, small and love to be petted. They also like being in selfies with me. I never go to the farmyard without adult supervision.  When the calves are just after being born, you have to be extra careful as the mother cow can be very protective-Safety Tip- Never go near a calf when it’s very young.

All of the cattle are out in the fields now so I can’t visit the calves as much but its still important to check them every day. For safety reasons, we don’t have a bull, so it’s a busy time bringing cows in and out for AI. I earn five euros for every cow I spot on heat. Safety Tip- Always make sure to close the gate when you leave the field.

I am lucky to see so much wildlife around the farm, today I saw a fox and there is a bird’s nest in a wall nearby & I have seen the parent birds flying in with worms for their chicks. There are lots of rabbits in the fields around our house, sometimes they come in and nibble flowers and lettuce in our garden. We have a stream running through some of our fields and I see lots of insects there. Safety Tip – Access to water is always fenced off.

When I not busy on the farm, I enjoy baking, reading, drawing and colouring. This is a farm safety poster I designed myself……..

Here is a poem about staying safe on the farm, I hope it gives you some ideas on being careful when out and about………

Check out Lily's amazing farm safety artwork!

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