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April AgriKids of the Month: Kathleen, Isobel and Dominic Curtin

Meet Kathleen, Isobel, along with their brother Dominic

My name is Kathleen I am 11 years old and I live on our family beef & Dairy Farm in Kilmihil Co Clare. I am in fifth class with Mrs Coughlan in Kilmihil National School.

Farm safety is very important to our family as there are lots of hazards on a farm.

On the 17th of April our mare had a foal  and while this is very exciting for us, we know that the Mare is very protective of her foal so we never approach her  but look from a safe  distance.

My Daddy has a Massey Ferguson tractor, I’m allowed on it now that I’m 11 but  my younger brother isn’t as he is only four.

My daddy contracts out our silage and slurry work to McNamara contractors and Crowley contractors we are not allowed on the farmyard when the contractors come in but my daddy tells the drivers that we are at home so that they are aware.

If my daddy is driving his Massey Ferguson we are very careful around the yard.


My name is Isobel and I am eight years old I am in second class with Mrs Lineen in Kilmihil National School.

We are very safety conscious as a family because my daddy‘s brother Michael Francis was knocked down when crossing from the farmyard to his house when he was three years old and he died. RIP.

This always reminds us of our own safety and we have a younger brother called Dominic who is aged four and he is aware of farm safety too as we talk a lot about it.

My favourite job on the farm is changing the wire after milking, I do this with my grandad I also help feed calves but I’m careful as the calves can head-butt.

We have two bulls on the farm but we have signs up warning everyone that a bull  is in the field I would never go into the field where they are.

We would both like to  thank AgriKids founder Alma for allowing us to blog for April as it reminded us all month long to watch out more carefully for hazards in our farmyard.            

(You guys are so welcome but thank you more for sharing your tips and insights! Alma xx)

Our AgriKids of the Month: Kathleen, Isobel and Dominic with grandad
Isobel knows about staying safe when helping check animals and making sure they have enough to eat. We see you Mr. Bull !!!!  
Kathleen is old enough now to travel in the tractor, when there's a seat for her!
A protective mum is a good mum, but we got to be careful! Check out the ears!!!

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